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Holes #29c

Diverting the course. Something is off. Ah, here we are. Let's see. Dawn, is it? Mostly. Mostly.

Hello, Dawn. You seem a little confused. Would you like to redo that day? Let's redo that day. Go back there. Look around.

You're back in the Library with the others, green-gold light piling down in irridescent pillars. Nobody seems to notice, not even Amadi, that sister that isn't yours, but in her case it's probably because she's asleep. You're kind of glad she's asleep. She was screaming like nothing else, and you hadn't felt quite right either... but nevermind that. That was just something that happened, something that you definitely won't go trying again. That would be insane.

They want you to do something. Stop staring at the light. That becomes important later. Listen to what they want, these keepers and seekers. They want you to read the book. Apparently they didn't buy your excuses, or whatever they were - you weren't even paying attention yourself, it would seem. Something about that light... hey, stop that. It's just light.

Standing in front of the book, things become a bit clearer - or rather the light fades a bit into the background again, what with an enormous book standing in front of you - and you finally manage to focus a bit and try to read the book. You don't want to - you're not even sure why, you just don't. You don't think it's the light, either, but something is odd. Something is off. Something.

But they insist, and so you do, place your feet and fold your wings and stand all properly and look at the words. They say,

Hello, dear sister.

You hadn't been expecting that, of course, but a greeting is a greeting, and properly returned:

You've come such a long way, but you'll have to go so much further.
"I know, I know, it's just..."

You don't know what it is, though. There's too much missing and you don't really know anything, really, and as much as you feel like you should know things, you know you... can't. You can't ever. They're not yours to know.

Shhh. It's okay. Don't worry. Whatever happens, I'll be here.
"Who are you? You're not another..."

Another Dreamer. Another of what you and the others were? You... you suddenly realise you really need another mushroom and glance back at Greibel, but he's not even paying attention. Is he watching the light too? He is, isn't he?

How the hell can he see it?

Why wouldn't he be able to see it?

Confused, you look back to the words, which are already fading...

One of you? Not exactly. You and the others were all split off from the same dream, and I am another dream not unlike your own.
"A dream?"
We are the Dreamers and the Dreams. You were Eapherod, and so was Amadi, and Elia, Illya, Mahairus, Kelsith, and others, too, so many others who never even had names of their own...

You know the name. You don't know what it is or who it means, but it is a name that was once very dear. Something out of a story you never read?


Several stories.

You're not her. You were. But you, as you, are not. And you know what you have to do.

Of course you're not her. That's ridiculous. But you try to humour the words regardless, and regardless of having already completely lost track of what they said...

"What do I have to do?"
Oh, you're not very good at this, are you? I'm trying to be dramatical, here. This is like a serious dramatical point in your existence, you know.
Seriously, though, find another one. It takes three, and with those three you will have enough to open the gates between years as your own selves.
Elia would be a good one. She's stuck, and... well, better if she's found sooner rather than later.
Just follow your ears. You can hear it from Arah.
"I can hear it from Arah. "
Go, dear sister. Dream for us, for who you were, and for who you will become.

Where did that come from? That wasn't you, was it? But it was - and the prelude to so much more, if only you'd let it loose. You know who she was, you know exactly, and you could destroy her and her book and everything about here if only you... you...

The light sure is pretty here, isn't it?

You don't know the name, but I assure you I am your sister. It may or may not make sense later.
Oh, and you might want to rein in your crew. They're getting a bit ansy.

The only problem is you still don't know quite what to do, neither how move the story along, nor even how to... well, as the Nelanor put it, 'rein in the crew'. And that light, now it's turning purple...

But nevermind that. There's a time and a place for certainty, but if you don't have it, a little faking goes a long way. Pretend there is a plan. Describe it in the third-person passive voice. Cover up the truth and keep going, such that it either all works out, or it all explodes, but either way something winds up happening.

Tomorrow is a big fat fish.