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You are dead

You, <insert name here>, were born sometime in the past and now you are dead.

Dead dead dead.

No whining or bitching. Because you can't. You are dead. You at least want some questions answered? You'd probably be better off just getting used to keeping quiet.

Welcome to deadity

In your first and final venture into deadness, you may notice how the weather is neither hot nor cold, and how there are no rainy days or sunny days. Or more specifically, you may have noticed how "weather" does not exist. Do not be alarmed. In fact, you may find in your dead state that approximately 100% of the sensations and phenomena you were familiar with in your living days are conspicuously non-existent.

Remember how, when you were alive, you wasted hours and hours doing effectively nothing? Well, this is exactly like that, except without the nothing. And without the day and night. And without time.

As for any friends or family you have left behind, please rest assured. You will never have to worry about them again. You will not have that capability. They'll probably be going out for fajitas, napping, or maybe fishing in the creek or something. I don't know. They may even be mourning you, but don't count on it. Anyway, they're doing fine, all things considered.

You, on the other hand, are dead.